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Integration of aluminum door finished product

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Company profile

Foshan guangjinxing industrial and trade co., LTD. Is a comprehensive door matching enterprise integrating r&d, production and sales. It is a one-stop integrated door matching enterprise, which has been developed from single plastic door and door panel embossing.

In the fifteen years since the founding of the enterprise, a strong technical team has been cultivated, and the development has been continuously updated, which has accumulated valuable experience and provided a strong guarantee for subsequent development. So far, not only provide customers with the best quality door products, also can provide the mature technical support, provide customers a comprehensive solution, time for customers to provide quality satisfactory service.

Three major brands:

Guangjinshun is a professional production of door - board embossing. The brand covers plastic door plate, electrolytic plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and other processing embossed products.

Every family is a professional aluminum door expert, the brand produces aluminum plate, profile, hardware, components, machinery and other aluminum door products.

ZuiMeiQiCai, is a professional color experts, the brand, the introduction of automatic door plank production line and vacuum transfer printing production technology, can provide aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, electrolytic plate plate processing technology, etc.

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